He plays

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

  • In the passages of the Paris Metro, the sounds of guitar music mingles with the footsteps, voices, and trains. As I draw nearer to the music I see the guitarist sitting playing his hypnotic and beautiful sound that now fills and reverberates in the tunnel.

    His name is La’Hcene, and he’s been playing music in the Paris Metro for more than ten years. I stood off to one side and watched him for quite some time. People streamed passed in waves as trains came and went. Some noticed him, a few stopped and listened, gave some change, and took pictures that I imagine ended up on Instagram not long later. However, the stream of commuters and tourists mostly passed by in a blur as he played.

    At 52, La’Hcene enjoys playing to his ever-changing audience in the passageways of the Metro system. His preferred spot to play is one of the large corridors of Châtelet station, and that’s where I came across him today.

    Listen to a three minute clip of La’Hcene that I recorded.

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