About 366 pictures

It’s not rocket science

The idea behind 366 pictures was very simple. Every day throughout 2016 (and 2012 too) I published a photograph that I took on that day. The pictures were published on the site with an accompanying explanation or story.

Simon Jones

Who took the pictures?

All the pictures were taken by me, Simon Jones (pictured above). I’m a story-hunting traveler who has published content online since the heady days of the ’90s when people still used dial-up internet and great big beige computers! You can find other sites by me here or check out my blog for more of my pictures and words.

Why 2016?

I first did 366 Pictures in 2012, a leap year. So when 2016 came around people kept asking me if I was going to do “366” again. Initially, I said no because the workload of such a project is immense, but truthfully I really enjoyed 2012 and so at the very last minute I changed my mind and copied the site ready to populate each day of the year all over again.

Why 366 and not 365?

2016 was a leap year. That was handy because 365pictures.com was already taken.

What camera was used to take the pictures?

I used a Sony RX100, which honestly was kind of crap. Usually, I use Canon cameras, but there wasn’t a suitable Canon option on the market so I took a chance on Sony. I wish I hadn’t, but once I was committed that was it.

How were the pictures chosen?

It was often very difficult to choose a picture as I often prepared a few photographs for publication, knowing of course, that I can only choose one. I generally asked myself which picture told a story. After that, I chose the picture based on its composition, color, and general interest. Sometimes, though, I just chose a picture for the simple reason that it captured a key moment of that day for me. It was often very difficult to decide so on a number of occasions I asked strangers in cafĂ©’s (where I often work with my laptop) which picture they might choose.

Are the pictures photoshopped?

I did use Photoshop to crop the pictures and make minor cosmetic changes (like removing lens artifacts) where necessary. It was my aim to keep post-processing of the pictures to a minimum simply because I didn’t want to spend hours at the end of the day working on my computer. Occasionally such work was necessary and at those times the pictures were ‘worked on.’

Were the pictures always posted on-time?

On the whole, the pictures were posted on, or right after, the date the photograph was taken, and despite having lots of pictures not taken on the day that could have easily been used, I never ‘cheated.’ Every picture is indeed a picture from that day.

Use of the pictures

The photographs you see on this website are all copyright and cannot be used without first obtaining my written consent. The pictures are monitored by a copyright protection service, so it’s very likely I will find any unauthorized use. If you wish to use any picture from this site please email me.

Spelling and grammar errors

While I enjoy writing and do my best to do so without faults, I am prone to making spelling and grammar errors. I blame this on my early education, but excuses aside, I ALWAYS appreciate it when people take the time to let me know when I’ve made a mistake. That way I can correct it and hopefully learn something. So please, feel free to correct me.

How does this site make money?

It doesn’t. Like so many of my internet ventures, this site is a labor of love.

How can you afford all this travel?

I build and maintain websites for companies and organizations. This can be done from any location throughout the world so back in 2010 I decided to give away most of my stuff, pack up and store my valuables, leave my rented apartment with just a couple of bags and pursue life on the road for a while. I watch my budget very closely, but also throw caution to the wind and follow my heart because as long as it’s still beating. I don’t intend to miss a moment!

What am I doing now?

After 2016 I was exhausted. I returned to Australia and rested for a while enjoying a slower pace of life and many a cup of Melbourne’s finest coffee here and there. I’ve had a few more adventures since then and continue to look for stories and adventures wherever possible.

How did you feel when 2017 came around?

It’s strange getting out of the habit of looking for a picture and a story. In many ways I miss it. The two ‘366 years’ were among the most memorable and vivid years of my life and I think that is in large part down to the fact that I was just more engaged in every moment of the day. When you spend every second looking for something, you find it! I spent each day breaking routine and searching for something to photograph, a story to tell, so when you’re no longer required to do that it feels a little strange like you’re missing stuff. But wow, it’s hard work!

Am I still taking pictures?

Absolutely yes! My camera is never far away, I use my iPhone more than I would like, but you know what they say, the best camera is the one in your hand!

What about 2020?

I had thought about doing 366 again in 2o20. But I was committed to other projects and knew that it might be hard to find the time needed to devote to such an undertaking. In the end, of course, COVID-19 would have grounded me, as it grounded everyone. I was in Paris, France, when the lockdowns went into effect and I think the project would have become very difficult indeed. Part of me wishes I had. I imagine a months-long string of the same scene out of the window across to the giant smokestacks of a nearby waste incinerator, a scene that I found very confronting indeed. But in retrospect perhaps telling the story of the lockdown and that very strange year in pictures might have been interesting.

So 2024?

Maybe. The thing is I’m not a fan of social media, and these kinds of projects don’t seem to get traction anywhere but social media websites that rob us of our data and privacy while they manipulate us to squeeze every penny of profit from us all with little thought to the implications of only caring about engagement over content.

Some of the pictures are crap!

Yeah, well, sometimes you’re the pigeon, sometimes you’re the statue.