White noise

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

  • People in the United States of America will go to the polls today to cast their vote for their next President. The world watches on in the same way you might watch two drunks throw punches at one another as they ricochet around a bar knocking stuff over. We’re all holding our drinks, hoping they won’t flounder into us. It’s a spectacle, but one that seems unavoidable. The front page of the newspaper, Le Parisian, leads with the headline, “Le, réve American?” Questioning, is this The American Dream?

    It’s fair to say it’s been a quite bizarre and, in many ways, awful campaign. It seems to me like each US election becomes more and more like a bad reality TV show. The campaigns go on for an unconscionable amount of time, with the candidate’s rhetoric spilling far beyond the borders of their constituents and into the global media stream.

    The Punch and Judy show of this year’s election has been exhausting. I reached my election information saturation point about three weeks ago. Since then I’ve been choosing to ignore the news rather than listen to any more US political theatrics and intolerable white noise. Tomorrow it will be over, and not a moment too soon!

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