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  • Tomorrow I leave the Philippines and fly to Macau as I continue my journey across the world in 2012. I’ve booked myself into a fairly decent hotel not far from Clark airport in Angeles city.

    It’s dark when I check-in and there’s not much around apart from sketchy looking 24hr massage parlours and a ‘pub’ that has blacked out windows. I find a mexican restaurant and grab a quick bite to eat before making my way back to my hotel room along a quiet road past flickering neon signs, the blacked out pub, and a security guard ironically sleeping outside the ‘Asian Dream’ massage parlour he’s supposed to be guarding.

    As days go, this has been something of an unremarkable one. I caught a boring bus from Manila to Angeles city, then checked into an ordinary hotel before heading out for average food. That’s travelling though, some days you’re on a wild adventure, and other days you’re just on the bus.

  • 8 comments on “Unremarkable

    1. Mexican food eh. Hows your body weight / diet doing ? gaining weight ? losing weight ? getting enough of the necessary nutrients ?

      • Actually lost weight accoring to everyone who knows me and I think I agree. I like travelling, it’s good to lose weight. Amd I getting all the nutrients, minerals and stuff I need? Hmm, probably not, but what do I know 🙂

    2. I would actually really recommend you to have better eating habits! lool
      Not getting enough good food with lots of nutrient is not great.

      You’ve definitely lost weight recently. You know it is not good for everyone and I definitely think that you should NOT lose weight at all but actually gain much much more weight. I’m not talking about your belly but overall health and weight, especially muscles :p

      • Muscles! lol Leia you do make me laugh. As you know, it’s something of a challenge for me to find good food sometimes, but I think I generally do ok. I have eaten so much fruit in Asia if I run I’m worried I might just become a smoothie!

        My diet could be a great deal better, and I look forward to being in more places (like here in Macau) where that is possible. However, I liked my lost weight, and as for muscles I think I’m doing okay for someone on the road. A couple of weeks ago I carried Yolande down 700 steps off a small mountain in the Philippines! That’s not something that someone who was out of shape could do.

    3. You look great like the pictures you have posted… and being able to carry somebody without getting much fatigue is an indication of a good health! 🙂 STAY FIT AND SHOW US YOUR MASTERPIECES…

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