Bonus material

366 pictures : Bonus material

So what about the pictures you didn’t see?

For every one of the 366 pictures I published as I traveled around the world in 2012, there were many pictures that were never published. Those pictures might have been different angles of the shot that was actually chosen on any given day, but often they were completely different.

Over the course of the year, I took more than 20,000 photographs. A lot of them were simply deleted as I went through each day’s stock of pictures. However, there were many days when I had a number of publishable photographs to choose from. It was often very difficult to choose the ‘picture of the day and in the end, I was left with nearly 400 pictures that were prepared for publication, but never chosen.

In early 2013 I decided that those who enjoyed the original 366 pictures might like to see a few of the previously unseen photographs. So in February 2013, I featured 28 unseen photographs from 366 pictures on my blog at BEFORE i FORGET.

Of course, those 28 photographs are just a fraction of the many unseen pictures that I took in 2012, but you can see them and read their backstory over at BEFORE i FORGET.