Sunday, August 19th, 2012

  • Tomorrow I leave the Philippines and fly to Macau as I continue my journey across the world in 2012. I’ve booked myself into a fairly decent hotel not far from Clark airport in Angeles city.

    It’s dark when I check-in and there’s not much around apart from sketchy looking 24hr massage parlours and a ‘pub’ that has blacked out windows. I find a mexican restaurant and grab a quick bite to eat before making my way back to my hotel room along a quiet road past flickering neon signs, the blacked out pub, and a security guard ironically sleeping outside the ‘Asian Dream’ massage parlour he’s supposed to be guarding.

    As days go, this has been something of an unremarkable one. I caught a boring bus from Manila to Angeles city, then checked into an ordinary hotel before heading out for average food. That’s travelling though, some days you’re on a wild adventure, and other days you’re just on the bus.