Just seeing where the road goes

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
  • Open road on a moped in Thailand

    The best way to explore South East Asia is to rent a moped or motorbike and just head out of town going in pretty much any direction you like. Sure you could do a little research, maybe look online for some tips, or better yet ask a local, but just heading off and following the road for the pleasure of the ride and allowing yourself to get entirely lost is fine.

    In a place where the road signs are made up of squiggles and characters, that make no sense to you that might sound daunting. But most of us have smartphones these days, so really, how lost could you ever be? Even when your smartphone fails you (and my clunky old iPhone 5 does very often), it’s not hard to find your way back to where you started by asking locals and using sign language.

    I love doing this. For me, this is where the real adventures are, they’re on the road ahead that you’re following because you’re just curious where it goes.

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