The disappearing ride

Saturday, December 10th, 2016
  • rickshaw chiang mai

    There are many ways you can get around Thailand, and the spectrum of local transportation options is quite wide. One of those options is the rickshaw, or “Sarm–Lor” as they’re known here in Chiang Mai.

    I photographed this old man riding into Kard Luang, otherwise know as Warorot Market, just outside of the city. It’s not a tourist market, but a local fruit and veg market popular among locals, many of whom arrive and leave by rickshaw.

    Some say this is a form of transportation that is disappearing as most of the rickshaw drivers are old men who have been doing this for years, long before the city became popular among tourists. Chiang Mai is a city that is expanding rapidly. In the four years since I first visited the city the change has been dramatic. The rickshaw could indeed be disappearing, if for no other reason than the fact that traffic is increasing and so are the distances people have to travel now.

    A typical rickshaw ride to a would probably cost around 100-250 That (around £3, $4), and take you to a location not too far away.

    Stand where this picture was taken using Google street view.

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