Saturday, August 27th, 2016
  • Windmills

    Some people really hate modern windmills. My friend Romy can see some from her Welsh cottage and says she can hear the “whooshing noise of those bloody windmills!” I’ve heard complaints from people who say that at certain times, the shadows cause an extremely annoying flicker, and then there are those who just think they’re a blight on the landscape (or seascape). They all sound like valid criticisms to me, but I still think wind turbines are better than some huge coal or nuclear power station, right? I mean, who wants one of those in their backyard?

    I like these modern windmills, to me, they are symbols of optimistic forward-thinking representing a more responsible way of living. Back when I lived in the UK, I would sometimes drive the short distance to the shores of the Irish sea to watch the sunset while the silhouettes of wind turbines slowly turned.

    Maybe I’m strange, but I like watching these windmills too, their sails rotating slowly in the wind. You too can see them in action, and even though wind turbines are not allowed to be placed within half a kilometre of a house in France, you might be curious to see the ‘flickering’ shadow of a wind turbine too.