Wednesday, August 10th, 2016
  • Country home

    In the tiny village of Culles-les-Roches in the Saône-et-Loire department of Burgundy, this was the view as I enjoyed a leisurely French breakfast on the terrace of a beautiful old country home. It reminded me of the cottages my parents used to take my siblings and I to on family vacations in England when I was a kid. It had an aroma that took me back to old memories of excitedly running around a cottage moments after we arrived, hurriedly exploring each room, looking out of every window while old floorboards creaked underfoot with nearly every excited step I took.

    Sitting on the terrace, enjoying the stillness of the French countryside, the house or this view could surely inspire the beginnings of a novel, or an oil painting. It had the feeling of being somewhere one might go to escape the hurried and relentless pace of city life, a place to enjoy cheese, wine, and freshly baked bread in positively sinful quantities.

    Stand on the road next to the house (on the left) using Google street view.