Monday, March 28th, 2016
  • Beech divers

    As the long Easter weekend draws to a close and I head back to Melbourne, my friend Madeleine and her Dad, Michael, decide to go for a dive at St Leonards Pier on the Bellarine Peninsula. The pair suit up in an amount of time that makes me wonder about the practicality of the costumes worn by comic book superheroes who surely must waste a great deal of time squeezing into their superhero disguises. Eventually, though, they’re ready to go and they waddle down to the water like penguins looking for more familiar territory.

    They explored around the pier for just under an hour and emerged clearly pleased with their dive. I was surprised to see that even on an overcast day like today, Michael had still managed to photograph an impressive array of colorful fish, sea stars, anemones, and plant life under the pier that I’ve since learned is highly regarded by local divers.

    If you’re curious you can watch a short video filmed at St Leonards Pier earlier this month by another local diver.

    Stand near this location using Google street view, and then explore the park!