Just the trick

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016
  • Magic lesson

    At a Laneway Learning class in Melbourne, part-time magician, Tim McMinn, sits at a table and teaching card tricks. I was among the students in the two-hour class, and I was pleased to come out of it with a couple of good tricks and enough knowledge to develop what I learned into something that I’m quite sure will be entertaining in the future.

    Started in March 2012, Laneway Learning has been facilitating informal one-off evening classes on a vast array of subjects. Generally costing less than $15, the classes are taught by regular people from the local community on subjects ranging from crafts to fashion, technology to music, food to film, and much more. Anyone can teach a class and Laneway Learning staff will even help prepare it and get things set up on the day.

    Since its first classes at The Little Mule cafe on a laneway in Melbourne, Laneway Learning has expanded to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland in New Zealand, and as far away as Singapore.

    Watch a short video about Laneway Learning.