Love you oodles

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

  • “I’ll miss you. Love you oodles my Meggy Pie! xxx Mishy. Call me after work”
    So reads a private note I saw hiding in plain site on the door mirror of a parked car today. It was cute, a kind of voueyeristic peek into a private exchange between two people, one of whom loves the other “oodles.”

    I imagined ‘Mishy’ writing the note early in the morning while dashing out of the door, walking on the air that a new love puts between you and the ground beneath your every step. The car was maybe a minor diversion, just a quick stop with a glance around to see if anyone was looking. After applying the note ‘Mishy’ probably walked away smiling, looking forward to the message that ‘Meggy Pie’ will surely send when she finds the note, and enjoying that wonderful intoxicating excitement that comes with a new day in blossoming love.

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