In the company of clouds

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  • Cow bells
  • In the rolling green hillsides of the Andorran/French border I sit down and look over the beautiful mountainous scene before me. The view on its own is fantastic, but this is another one of those moments where the sound is also entirely enchanting.

    A small herd of cows is walking slowly through a field eating the green grass. They’re wearing cowbells that clang gently, mixing with the songs of birds and the buzzing of bees that are busy going from flower to flower.

    Next year I’ll be producing a podcast series called ‘5 minutes of somewhere‘ and so along with my camera, I carry a microphone everywhere I go these days too. I’ve recorded sounds from many different countries now, and I plan to share many of them on that podcast.

    I’ll certainly revisit this hillside in that podcast series, but for now I thought I would share with you a brief moment of the sound of this green field in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range.

    The clip is just over two minutes long, so why not press the play button then look again at the picture. Only this time, take those two minutes to imagine yourself sat there in the warmth of the summer sun looking out across at the mountains in the distance that stand in the company of clouds and wear snow like diamonds.

    You’re probably very busy, but if you get a moment to comment then that would be great. Comments really encourage me, and it’s just great to know there are people out there enjoying the pictures, and in this case, the sound too!

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  • 4 comments on “In the company of clouds

    1. Simon what a fantastic spot to stop and soak in the vista – a total ‘wish I was there’ moment!

      I did think the audio clip made those cows appear a lot closer than they looked but give me that and the sound of bird singing, bees buzzing or a view of mountains and trees over the hum of car engines and a concrete skyline any day!

      • Well spotted Phil. Actually the mic I used (a Zoom H2N if anyone is interested) was on a fence post close to the cows and I had walked away so they would not be all freaked out by me standing there with various bits of kit in my hands. The sound clip I recorded starts with them very close, then off in the distance some 25 minutes later.

        I’ve got loads of similar ones many of which I’ll be producing for 5 minutes of somewhere which I’ll announce to anyone of the 366 email list when the series is ready in 2017.

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