Locked in love

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  • At the base of the 777 ft (236.7 m) Seoul Tower lovers attach padlocks, or love locks as they are known, to a fence as a sign of their ever-lasting love and devotion for one another. Once attached the key is then discarded so that their love can never be ‘unlocked.’

    The thousands of locks that are attached to the fence often have names written on them in permanent marker, and longer notes are written on heart-shaped key rings and even ugly plastic smart phone covers.

    Of course, any lovers who might visit the tower without a padlock at the ready can buy a colorful padlock and heart shaped keyring from the tower shot at an inflated price. But hey, true love is priceless though, right?

  • 13 comments on “Locked in love

    1. I wonder how often they take the locks down and start over? or does the wall just grow longer, heavier, over the years?

    2. it’s another coin in the fountain…
      hopefully some people will stay forever together then lol…
      I haven’t seen that in Paris, but maybe I haven’t been to those romantic parts lol

    3. How romantic! i was just wondering if couples who put locks in here really keep their love and devotion to each other forever and ever…. what happens if they broke up? there is no way to find the key…

    4. really?
      that really happens? there is an email where you could say that? lol
      What is the point to have their names locked there if they break up not long after then :)!
      Isn’t it supposed to be a long lasting love FOREVER? hahaha

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