Friday, December 30th, 2016
  • Sherbrooke forest

    Tomorrow is the final day of 366 pictures for 2016, and on the penultimate day of the year I’ve come to Sherbrooke forest in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. I love this place. With its beautiful Fern trees and magnificent Mountain Ash trees, Sherbrooke is a magical place to find within an hours drive from the centre of Melbourne, Australia.

    Standing among the towering Eucalyptus trees that reach some 100 metres and live up to 500 years, the sound of this place is as wonderful and vibrant as the lush green vegetation that envelops you here. Bell birds and the shrieks of cockatiels mix with the hum of insects, while the laughter of kookaburras echoes across the forest.

    Yesterday’s summer storms have left the forest fresh and replenished and the aroma of Eucalyptus is strong. Wandering the trails here can be an entirely immersive experience that draws you in and rewards your attention. It’s a beautiful place to stroll through, but also a place to stand still and just observe, even to close your eyes and breathe in the clean air and listen. Like I say, I love this place.