Just another day

Friday, December 23rd, 2016
  • Saa paper

    It doesn’t feel like Christmas is just a couple of days away as I ride through villages in Northern Thailand, enjoying the warm weather and blue skies. I haven’t seen a Christmas tree so finding anything Christmas themed to photograph would seem to be impossible. Christmas isn’t really a thing in these parts, and the days here are passing with little or no anticipation of the holiday which will be just another day for most people here.

    As I pass through a small village, a lady places freshly made sheets of saa paper out to dry in the hot sun. The paper, which is thick in texture, is commonly produced by small family run operations who make the paper out of the Paper Mulberry(Saa), a persistently growing plant native to Northern Thailand, that regenerates itself after each harvest.

    The bark is soaked and boiled with wood ash, then it is pounded into pulp. Dyes are added then the sheets of saa paper are put out to dry in the sun on specially designed A frames.

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