Hope and change

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

  • For those of you who followed 366 Pictures in 2012, you might recognise the violinist in today’s picture. Her name is Hope and I photographed her right here at this very spot four years ago, in 2012.

    Back in 2012 Hope was fifteen years old and playing for tips at the Chiang Mai Sunday walking street market. She started playing her black violin at the market when she was fourteen and quickly became accustom to having her photograph taken by visitors to the bustling street market.

    Now, four years after I photographed her in 2012, I was happy to see that Hope is still delighting passers by at the Sunday night market. Her style and demeanour is unavoidably charming and, as ever, she was happy to smile for anyone who wanted to take her picture or pose with her in a selfie.

    Chiang Mai has changed significantly since I first visited here, and the Sunday night market has expanded to several streets attracting larger crowds than ever. Such expansion is probably good for Hope’s Sunday night earnings, though due to the language barrier I’ve never managed to ask her any questions much beyond the basics.

    It was nice to see Hope again. I suspect she’ll probably play the market for years. She clearly still enjoys playing to the passing crowds, and judging by the smiles on the faces of people who stopped to watch her, and all her fans on facebook, the people still enjoy her music.

    Watch a short video (not by me) of Hope playing her violin at the market.

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