After the rain

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

  • I took this picture while getting rained on. The 4€ umbrella that I purchased yesterday failed the moment I opened it. The flimsy spokes that hold the canvas in place buckled in an instant, like a practical joke. I tried to remedy the situation, but then my glove got stuck in the mechanism somehow, and as I tried to free it, a hole appeared that my finger now pokes through.

    I stood there swearing at the umbrella that was now clinging to me, refusing to let go of my glove, biting into it, gnawing as big a hole as it could before it would inevitably lose the battle we were engaged in. I finally broke free then tossed the flimsy and insolent umbrella into a nearby trashcan, where it joined two other fallen comrades.

    On a day as grey as today, I was happy to see colors almost exploding from the brightly lit window of a little ribbon and thread shop. The light from the shop shone out onto the darkened street that was still getting rained on. I stopped, took out my camera, and snapped the picture, striking a defiant blow to all those broken umbrellas that tried to make this day about them, about the rain, the cold, and the grey! “Ha! Give me rain and I will find a rainbow!” I thought to myself as I wiped the raindrops from the screen on my camera. Now today has color.

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