Saturday, November 5th, 2016

  • Miki carefully prepares my cappuccino at the cafe that bears his name. “And why not,” he says when he tells me that his wife suggested he simply name his cafe after the nickname his family and friends have called him for years. Indeed on the wall next to the counter are those very words, and why not.

    Inspired by London coffee shops, coupled with a twist of nordic flavor, Miki has been operating his cafe for three years. “I love the coffee, I love the good music, the food, and the people,” he tells me when I ask him what made him start a cafe.

    There’s a pretty good selection of records that customers can look through and suggest. His turntable sits just behind the coffee machine, an indication of how integral the music is to Miki’s cafe. When I asked him about the record that was playing while I was there, he told me all about the artist, proving that his love for good music is clearly as serious as his love for good coffee.

    See Miki from the street using Google street view.

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