Friday, October 28th, 2016

  • I saw this poster in a number of places today. Taped to doors, bins, bus stops, and lamp-posts, like lost pet signs. There’s a story behind the signs, of course, but I wasn’t about to call the number just so I could tell it.

    The sign reads…


    My Mom’s name is Line, she disappeared on the 24/10/16. She lived at 32 Rue De Charonne. If you see her, please contact me.

    Mom, If you read this please call me, everything can be fixed.

    I love you, without you I am an orphan.

    The last couple of lines are the most heart-wrenching. Nobody prints a poster like this unless they’re desperate, surely? Unlike a lost pet, one assumes that Line has a mobile phone, friends, connections, some way to be reached if she wanted to be reached.

    I don’t want to intrude, of course, but after reading this poster and seeing the picture of Line, I’m hoping she finds her way home soon.

    For privacy reasons I altered the number in this photograph.

    Stand where this picture was taken, using Google street view.