More lost stories

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

  • People don’t really print pictures anymore. So in years to come the boxes of photographs that have become detached from their stories will not be filled with faded color pictures snapped on smartphones, or selfies full of faces leaning into the picture. Our digital memories, the moments we deemed worthy enough to capture, if they’re anywhere, they’ll still be as crisp as they were the day the picture was taken. Chances are they’ll still be attached to the story or at least part of the story, and they won’t fade without a filter to age them.

    Pictures we lose from our digital devices won’t float around flea markets in the days after we’ve disappeared. They’ll simply be gone. Lost in an instant, forgotten like the memories and moments before cameras were able to capture the color of life in beautiful black and white and simple sepia.

    We don’t print our pictures anymore. Instead, we send them to clouds, believing that the sky will never fall down.