Thursday, October 20th, 2016

  • This picture should be a caption competition. What is the cat thinking? Come to that, what on earth was the pigeon thinking?

    I sometimes wonder if flocks of pigeons are like gangs of delinquent teenagers daring each other to do various brave and stupid stunts. Whenever a pigeon flies perilously close to the heads of people walking down the street, I imagine a rowdy flock of pigeons looking on from a rooftop or window ledge somewhere. I picture them whooping in delight (as if they even could) at how close their comrade came to actually hit someone. The daring pigeon returns to his friends all breathless and pumped up on pigeon adrenaline. “Did you guys see that?”

    So perhaps the pigeon sitting close to this car was playing another foolish game. ‘How close can you get to that cat’ sounds like something they’ve been doing for a while. However, the cat seems more bemused than anything. Maybe it’s thinking to itself “Here we go again, another pigeon trying to impress his mates.”