Back to nature

Saturday, August 20th, 2016
  • Nature reclaims house

    I’ve photographed many things that nature is slowly reclaiming. I’m sure I could do an exhibition of such pictures. I’ve photographed deserted vintage cars in New Zealand, a couple of planes mysteriously left alone in the Australian outback, and entire falling down home complete with a car in the garage in New Hampshire, to mention but a few.

    This particular house in France seemed deserted, but I couldn’t be sure. The gate through which I was able to peer and take this photograph, was locked and bolted. While the windows were shuttered, giving the place a sense of desertion, the property wasn’t really in a state of decay. I suspect that maybe someone will return and tidy the place up. But I like the way nature is creeping up to the house, as if stalking it, ready to envelop it if nobody comes back soon.