Monday, August 8th, 2016
  • Chateau de Bossy sur Fley, Bourgogne

    I’ve come to Burgundy, a region of France famous for its wines and châteaux, as well as mustard and inspiring landscapes. The drive here felt like the opening scenes of a movie set in the kind of France you would believe only existed in movies. Our route over the rolling hills, and through charming little French villages, felt like the careful work of a studious location scout carefully avoiding unsightly glimpses of anything that might distract from the gorgeous scenes around every carefully curated curve.

    I like driving around the French countryside. I’m still beguiled by the grand tree-lined roads and sweeping routes that take you through scenes that feel like you’ve somehow jumped into a painting hanging on an otherwise ordinary wall.

    The weather has been kind all day long, and less than five minutes before we arrive at our destination, we pass through the tiny village of Bissy-sur-Fley. I have to stop and explore the beautiful Château de Pontus de Tyard that overlooks a dovecot and a small vineyard. By usual French standards, this Château is rather humble and unassuming, but in the warm summer evening sun, this site is quite simply a wonderful welcome to Burgundy.