Oh the glamor!

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
  • Airport delay

    There was a time when air travel was seen as glamorous and sophisticated. I think it’s safe to say that times have moved on, and these days flying is probably more akin to being herded like cattle.

    Yes, I understand that if the glamour of flying was still here then there would be no low-cost airlines, no cheap flights, and many of the adventures I’ve been on would still be the stuff of fantasy. Believe me, I remind myself of this every time I stand in a line waiting to play my part in the largely pointless pantomime of airport security, or when I’m holding my breath in the toilet cubicle of some long haul flight!

    There’s no doubt that as annoying as air-travel can be, it’s still pretty amazing. However, I always feel like I’ve missed out on some exciting journey when I’m cutting through clouds over exotic-sounding far-off places that I might never get to see.