Cheesy picture

Saturday, June 11th, 2016
  • French Cheese

    I’m back at the Saturday morning market in the center of Carcassonne, once again walking around tasting the samples of cheese, meats, and whatever else is on offer to sample.

    My French is pretty poor, but I do my best to speak to the market stall holders in French, sometimes appearing to be competent enough to understand the questions they sometimes ask me in response to my carefully rehearsed questions.

    It’s funny, but you can get by pretty well in any foreign country just by becoming observant of the facial expressions, body language, and general air of people in different situations. I’ve had whole ‘conversations’ with French people who engage me for some idle banter now and then. I just mirror whatever they do to some extent. So if they smile, I smile, if they frown, I frown, and I laugh and nod my head in agreement whenever they laugh. As silly as this sounds, you would be amazed how effective this has been!

    Stand in the market using Google street view.