Mumbai Mosaic

Saturday, April 16th, 2016
  • Mumbai Mosaic

    The crowded streets of Mumbai in India, as seen from the window of an airplane. In all honestly, this was pretty much a throw-away shot, taken as the plane I was on came into land at Mumbai. I didn’t expect much from the series of pictures I was taking from the window, but this one stood out to me.

    The patchwork of buildings and colors beneath my descending plane capture something of the chaotic beauty that India is famous for. The astonishingly crowded landscape below looks very similar to the area of Delhi that I’d been staying in, and I can imagine the noise of those streets below where the sound of my plane would be just a small part of a frenetic symphony of background noises.

    This is my final picture from India after what was essentially just a glorified stop-over in this amazing country. If you’ve ever thought about visiting India but have felt unsure because of cleanliness or other such worries, I urge you to put those concerns aside and just go! India is a captivating place that can amaze, shock, appall, and inspire you all at once.

    See a wider view of this area of Mumbai using Google Satellite view.