Formula One

Sunday, March 20th, 2016
  • Renault Formula One 2016

    It’s Grand Prix time in Melbourne, the first Formula One race of the new season. Albert Park has been transformed from a public park into a fully-fledged Grand Prix circuit, and for the last three days, the sounds of various cars zooming around the track have filled the air to the delight of some like me, and the annoyance of others.

    I took quite a few pictures of the fans today, amassed at various points around the circuit watching the cars flash past. But in the end, I’ve chosen this rather unique photograph which, at first glance, seems like it surely can’t be real.

    It’s the new 2016 Renault Formula One car, that much is obvious. However, this particular car is perched vertically on a promotional stand for the French carmaker. So you see, there are no special effects here, I’m simply stood on the ground looking up at the car.