Back, safe and sound

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
  • Melbourne airport

    Melbourne welcomes me home with clouds and a few spots of rain, but then that’s Melbourne. If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute! Later in the day it was bright and sunny, and according to the forecast some brutal summer heat is coming this way in the next few days. I’m not complaining. Bring it on!

    The flight from Bangkok was uneventful. With very few passengers on the flight that left late last night, I was able to ‘stretch out’ across three seats in the middle of the plane.

    Later, as I was going through my luggage back in the house, I found a shocking oversight by airport security in my backpack. In Thailand I had purchased a relatively large and very sharp knife to cut fruit bought on the street. I kept it in my backpack and forgot to remove it ahead of my flight to Australia.

    However, despite going through the x-ray machine, and having not one, but two, manual bag searches, the knife went undetected by airport security!

    My complete disdain for airport security is no secret, they’re over-equipped, under-trained, uniformed yapping dogs trained to put on a show of security while not actually providing much in the way of actual security. Their failure to miss this knife is yet more evidence of their total failure to provide the security they’re supposed to bring to the airways.

    In fact, the second bag check was at the gate before boarding the flight. Here they looked through passengers bags gleefully removing drinks purchased inside the airport, citing that liquid couldn’t be taken onto the plane. I’m used to this nonsense security measure, so I simply put two cans of soft drinks in my back pocket and one bottle of water in another pocket, thus bypassing the secondary screening at the gate!

    Stopping people from taking drinks -bought in the airport- onto the plane is a nonsense, of that I think most people would agree. But honestly, failing to detect someone carrying a pretty large knife, that’s an oversight that just goes to show what a joke all this security theatre is.

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