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  • Bangkok mototaxi
  • It’s my final day here in Thailand and the madness of Bangkok. This is a city that I’ve yet to find particularly charming, but one that is still fun to visit. In the sweltering heat the air is thick with the fumes of the horrendous traffic that growls along the city’s busy streets. The metro is a fast way to get around, as is the BTS Skytrain, but many people here choose to brave the roads on the back of a motorcycle taxi.

    On a back road in the city, of of those motorbike taxi riders sits on a hammock reading a book and smoking under an array of cables at a makeshift taxi stop. Throughout the city moped riders, wearing orange vests with numbers on them, taxi people around for a small fee.

    Cheaper than regular taxis or tuktuks, the motorbike taxi will zip paying riders through the city’s busy traffic, weaving a path from point A to point B quicker (and more dangerously) than most other forms of door-to-door transport.

    In busy periods the motorbike taxi drivers congregate at designated motorbike taxi stops where you can easily find them, or simply wait for one to turn up there. They’re not for the faint hearted though. With fares starting at 10 Bhat (That’s US-30c, AU-40c, or UK-22p) the motorbike taxi driver needs to work hard to make a profit, so getting you where you want to go quickly is a priority, even if that means mounting the sidewalk and riding on the wrong side of the road against traffic!

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