Santa’s moving target

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  • As Santa Claus begins his trek from the north pole, I too am beginning a trek of a different kind. It’s not really the way I would choose to spend Christmas eve, but tonight I am on an overnight train to Bangkok, ahead of a flight to Australia on the 26th.

    I’d rather be spending Christmas in the company of friends with a glass of mulled wine in my hand and some warm mince pies on a plate not too far away. But unfortunately the cost of flights to Melbourne over the holiday season were so expensive that the only option was to leave on either Christmas day, or the day after (boxing day, as some call it).

    So, in order to make sure I don’t miss that flight, I’m heading on this overnight train to Bangkok. I’ve written to Santa and told him where I’ll be so I’m fully expecting there to be a raft of gifts waiting for me at my bedside when I awake at the crack of dawn as the train rolls into Bangkok station.

    Christmas day in Bangkok? Could be interesting. Lets see!

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    1. Dear Simon,

      So Santa’s moving target is to spend CHristmas in Bangkok. How was it?I still have a clear picture of Christmas in my heart but I was reminded of the “Trrain to Busan”. I never want to watch it because it is about zombies but I dont know why I became so curious that i end up watching it. It wa snever that frighful but a heart warming story of friendship, loveand giving. It depends on how the story will touch your heart…

      Another thing, train isquite a faster way to travel somewhere else faster.. so thereis convenience as long as it is managed carefully. I hope i can do a train travel one time. I want to experience it maybe from Hongkong to Macau, or from Ho Chi Minh to Na thrang (in Vietnam)… , or to be mre realistic from Alabang to Divisoria Mall (here in the Philippines). I put it all in my dream list this year. Together with the hope of seeing you one of these days… SANTA’s MOVING TARGET??? what is your next moving target?

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