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  • I’ve decided I don’t like hospitals. I suspect I’m in the majority with that opinion because, lets face it, they’re not places anyone particularly wants to spend anytime in.

    Today’s picture shows the X-ray theatre of a Parisian hospital. Unfortunately Leia fell over this afternoon and hit her jaw on the ground. She visited the emergency room and after an X-ray they found that she has broken her jaw. It’s not a bad fracture, but she’s going to need to have a routine operation tomorrow to fix it.

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      • Hi Paula. Leia is doing well. She had to have a couple of small metal plates fixed into her jaw, but apparently that’s pretty usual. She needs a little dental work and some time for the scar from the operation to heal, but she’ll be 100% very soon. I’ll pass on your regards.

        On the subject of hospitals. I have been to one I like. It was in Texas. I had strep throat and needed antibiotic on Christmas eve. The only place with a working doctor was the ER so we went there and I got a prescription and some needless pain killers. The whole visit took a relatively short time, but cost nearly $700!! The bill probably explains why the hospital felt more like a hotel really. Though oddly enough, they had a giant Mary mother of God statue in their waiting room, something that seemed appropriate somehow. Mary is OK in hospitals, and Buddha is ok in spas. Odd that.

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