Spa away

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

  • I spent this afternoon enjoying the sauna, steam room, and pool of a hotel where I’m not a guest. I was, of course, ‘hotel crashing,’ that is to say, I was masquerading as a guest of the hotel.

    Crashing a hotel spa is relatively easy and doesn’t involve ducking under barriers, hiding from staff, or any James Bondery at all. It simply requires a bit of bravado and charm.

    This particular hotel, despite its four stars, was by no means the most lavish hotel I’ve crashed. Nonetheless, it was good just to sit back and relax in the sauna in the middle of the day with nobody else around. At some point, when I stop traveling, maybe I’ll buy a barrel sauna so that I can enjoy a sauna every day. Hmm, Wouldn’t that be nice!