Better by rail

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016
  • Eurostar

    This is St Pancras International rail terminal, and I’ve just arrived in the UK for another short visit. With flying having now become the mostly unpleasant experience that it is, I try to find alternative routes wherever possible, and in Europe, trains are a pleasant and pretty efficient means of mass-transit. With more legroom and less pointless security theatre, I’ll always choose a train over a plane whenever I can.

    I’ve promised myself that at some point I’ll travel by train from Paris to Penang, or some variation thereof. It is possible using various railways, and the journey would be really interesting for sure. Just imagine the people you might meet and the places that would pass by your window as you rattle along remote railways in faraway places. That’s the stuff adventure is made of!

    Of course, a trip from Paris to London on the Eurostar isn’t exactly adventurous, but in my experience, adventures only happen when you start paying attention to the journey.