God’s house?

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  • Chapel of Notre Dame de Pilar
  • At the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres, a woman kneels in front of a statue of Mary and the baby Jesus. She kisses rosary beads and crosses herself several times as she prays.

    I’m not at this cathedral to meet or message the almighty. I’m a tourist here, wandering among the clustered columns, sculptures, and stained glass windows to marvel at the mythology and magnificence of mankind’s fixation on faith. The ornate beauty of this vast gothic structure is magnificent, but beyond that I am unmoved.

    Whenever I walk into a place like this, steeped in religious tradition and rituals, I wonder what Jesus himself would make of all this. He may be God to those who believe that, but from the little I know about his life, he had seemingly little to do with places like this.

    According to the Bible, Jesus went out into the world and spoke with fishermen, hookers, and the everyday people on the street. I’m no expert, but I don’t think he went to church that often, and one of the few times that he did was when he flipped over tables and caused chaos!

    Jesus was controversial and outspoken. He wasn’t religious, and because of this he was very unpopular with the church leaders of the day. It seems to me that today Jesus wouldn’t receive a warm welcome by any of the religious organisations that were ostensibly built in his honour.

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  • 2 comments on “God’s house?

    1. Relationship, not religion. So many religious institutions are full of man made rules and regulations. Jesus seeks the heart of people. He loves us enough to die for us… loves us enough to give us freewill to reject Him! As imperfect humans striving, it’s hard to accept His grace, mercy and love…but it’s there for the taking – if only we’ll take the leap. End of sermon!! 😉

      • I knew someone would jump in and comment on this one Sharon 🙂

        I get your point, and respect you position on this. But while I understand where you’re coming from, but the thing is while you might call it a “relationship,” it is still a religious relationship. I mean you belong to a church, right? And its the church that seems to have largely gotten in the way of everything.

        So while I get what you’re saying, I would suggest that the larger message that ‘the church’ broadcasts into the world, isn’t one of relationship, acceptance and love, but is instead one of judgement, intolerance, and hate.

        I should also point out that while you’re coming at this from the angle of a Bible believing Christian, there would be those of other religions (or even denominations within Christianity) who would call your beliefs wrong-headed and mislead.

        You talk about taking a leap, but I think that it might be a basic human behaviour to hide and protect rather than to leap and listen.

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