Vive la France

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

  • A car, painted in the national colors of France, drives down a street in Paris honking and celebrating in anticipation of the soccer game the entire country would be watching later in the evening.

    With France hosting the 2016 UEFA European Championship, the entire country was in high spirits today as the national team faced Portugal at the final in Paris. The party atmosphere was evident across the entire city, and indeed the country, for what everyone in red white, and blue was hoping would be a spectacular victory.

    I’m not a soccer fan at all, but even I watched the Euro 2016 final in the hope of seeing France win. After the trauma the country has been through in recent times, a national sports victory would be a welcome reason to celebrate. Sadly, however, it was not to be. Portugal scored the single goal in the tournament finale, giving them victory, and with it dashing the hopes of the hosts.

    I don’t know what happened to the car in today’s picture. Its entire roof would have been cut out so those guys could stand up to blow their horns and wave their flags. I don’t suppose the resale value of an old car, with no roof, is particularly high.