Spicing things up

Saturday, June 25th, 2016
  • Spice up your life

    Anyone who has ever ‘enjoyed’ the delights of my cooking will probably know that I like to get a bit spicy in the kitchen. Honestly, I don’t really know anything about spices, or cooking really, but I’m always willing to add ‘a little something’ to nearly everything I cook.

    It’s fair to say that this adventurous nature in the kitchen has led to a few gastronomic calamities along the way. I’ve made many a meal so hot that I sweat profusely while I struggle to eat it. However, I’ve also surprised myself with miracles in taste that I am never able to recreate because of the entirely liberal and unchecked way I mix and match spices with names I’ve never come across before.

    It’s probably fair to say that I misuse spices in the same way some people misuse fonts when designing a poster. I use too many! Often the reason for this is because I’ve added too much of one spice, so I choose another to try and level things out. It’s a recipe for disaster I know. I’m trying to practice better impulse control these days, but oh, they smell so good!

    Stand in the market using Google street view.