What could be more French?

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  • It’s my final day in Paris for a while so I went for a bike ride (on a Velib’, of course) just to enjoy the city.

    That’s it. Sometimes there isn’t a story.

    Did I have a one of those Nutella Crêpes? No. I don’t really like Nutella. I like peanut butter, but you can’t buy peanut butter in France! And that was entirely random and really nothing to do with the picture.

    Stand here using Google street view.

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  • 2 comments on “What could be more French?

    1. Left a comment on the FB page about this picture but then realized it was taken on my birthday! I love the photo – it just makes me feel good and brings back wonderful memories of Paris. Like you, I haven’t kept up daily with your photos but always enjoy them when I have the opportunity.

      • Well happy delated birthday to you MK! I’m working hard to smash through the backlog. Truth is I’m having too much fun and not being disciplined enough. My old school teachers were right when they wrote “Simon is undisciplined” on my reports! 🙂

        I’m about to post a whole host of pictures from the south of France as I catch up to date, so stay tuned. And hey, thanks for commenting here, and also on FB!

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