A moment of reflection

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016
  • Pol Bury's Sphérades

    Yes, it’s entirely self-indulgent, but in a world full of selfie sticks I still prefer strange and interesting reflective surfaces for my selfies.

    This moment of reflection was taken by/in the reflective spheres at the Gallery d’Orléans which separates the courtyard of Palais Royal from the garden.

    The spheres actually make up a kinetic fountain designed by artist Pol Bury. Officially known as Sphérades, the fountain is made up of 10 stainless steel spheres that slowly rotate on their axis under the action of the water flowing over them.

    Back when I was doing 366 Pictures in 2012 I had a similar moment of reflection in Singapore.

    Stand here, turn around, and ‘experience’ the place using Google street view