Lets eat

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  • Navin Eats
  • At a local Singapore ‘Hawker Centre’ my friend Navin tucks into what can only be described as an entire table-top of seafood served. No plates were involved, just a sheet of greaseproof paper placed across our table, followed then by a vast quantity of former sea creatures!

    I’m no ‘foodie’ but it’s undeniable that one of the best things about coming to Singapore is the food! At local ‘hawker centres’ you can eat amazing varieties of food from all over the world. My favorite is Singapore Laksa, or Tom Yum. However, you can find all kinds of weird and wonderful gastronomic experiences like Frog Porridge, Eel skin crisps, steamed sharks head, turtle soup, crocodile paws to mention but a few. Hmm, just writing this makes me hungry!

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  • 8 comments on “Lets eat

      • Well thanks Simon for that comment. Unlike some bloggers out there who don’t allow abusive comments to appear on their sites, I do. In fact I quite enjoy it when people take the time to send abuse.

        I guess you’re not a fan of steamed sharks head then? I’m puzzled how the mere mention of this dish makes me an “arse hole” though? I guess we’ll never know though, now that you’ve unfollowed me. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Of course, it’s entirely possible that you thought I meant sharks fin soup, and that you had somehow assumed that I had eaten everything I mentioned too. However, you’d be wrong on both counts, and while two wrongs certainly don’t make a right, I would suggest they do make an “arse hole” though.

        • Itโ€™s still almost certainly an endangered species, isnโ€™t it? Eating the whole shark kills exactly as many sharks as just eating the fin. According to current research 100 million sharks are killed a year and most will be extinct at this rate before 2050. See this page and it’s references for further info. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_threatened_sharks

          btw – turtle soup may be equally dodgy. I don’t know the exact nature of the turtle meat in that soup, but all the sea turtles are endangered and no species of freshwater turtle is indigenous to Singapore. I wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions though …

          Amazingly, when I was in Singapore a few months ago, I didnโ€™t have any meal containing endangered species. I’ve walked out of places that sell shark products (and on occasion complained to the management) – I’m sure you’d do the same if it was Sumatran tiger meat, white rhino, etc.

          Saying it’s OK because it’s not shark FIN soup is like saying – we killed that elephant for itโ€™s trunk, not itโ€™s ivory.

          Saying it’s OK because you didn’t eat it yourself, is a pretty silly argument when you describe it as a ‘wonderful gastronomic experience’.

          • Feeling a tad embarrassed I see Simon. It seems your reading skills are rather selective. You clearly missed that I wrote “weird and wonderful” not just “wonderful.” When put back in context it does rather take the wind out of your gusty blowing doesn’t it.

            Anyway, by your reasoning then Simon, you think I should eat nowhere in Singapore because there might be a place nearby that sells something objectionable? I can’t imagine where you ate when you were in Singapore mate.

            The thing is, I don’t think you were in Singapore a few months ago, I think you wrote that so you could try and reclaim the high ground somehow. Of course, if you did go to Singapore, then you would know that Hawker centres are places where there are many many types of food on sale from a variety of different independent vendors. So while I might be enjoying some Tom Yum or Laksa with a nice Avocado smoothie, someone on another table not far away might be eating something entirely different and while I might not like what they have chosen to eat, it’s hardly my place to start berating them for their choice of food.

            Here’s the thing though, while you can baffle us all with your amazing knowledge of the internet, you’ll be hard pressed to show anyone that ALL sharks are endangered and that the steamed sharks head in question came from an endangered shark.

            ALL sealife is in danger in some respects, so let me ask you, do you just eat vegetable grown in your own English garden? Or are you like the rest of us, doing what you can do to eat responsibly in the context of a modern life?

            When all’s said and done Simon, you misread something I wrote and thought you would lash out anonymously. Maybe you’re a nice guy in the real world, but today you’re just one of those people who enjoy the (assumed) cover of anonymity under which you can lash out and be abusive in ways you would probably not have done if I been stood in front of you. To my mind, such behavior makes you an “arse hole.”

      • lol. Apparently so mate ๐Ÿ™‚

        Actually, Simon reminded me of you and your red mist moments online. Poor bloke, he really went in for the kill, emailing me and just beating his rage drum for all he was worth. Hopefully he feels a little better today. I gave him the last word, though I didn’t actually read his final email, it was long and looked angry though. But I think it was important for him to have the last word. He clearly needed that and who am I to deny such a charming bloke his moment on the soap box.

        I think it’s good that the sharks of the world have such a good armchair ambassador though. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. While I don’t agree with places selling things like shark finn soup, people like Simon won’t change anyone’s opinions with his moral indignation and attitude. These moral eco warriors stand on their moral high ground and shout at those below them. In contrast, I met a couple of vegan bloggers while travelling (www.veganfoodquest.com) that changed my opinions on a few things. They did this, firstly being really nice people who could chat about loads of things that weren’t vegan. Secondly they weren’t judgemental about those that didn’t share their views.

      Simon (the commenter) could probably take a leaf out of their book next time he wants to share his thoughts.

      • Thank goodness we have charming people like him to set us all straight tho mate! I mean could you imagine how wrong we would all be if people like him didn’t take the time to keep us all in line! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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