Lets eat

Saturday, April 9th, 2016
  • Navin Eats

    At a local Singapore ‘Hawker Centre’ my friend Navin tucks into what can only be described as an entire table-top of seafood served. No plates were involved, just a sheet of greaseproof paper placed across our table, followed then by a vast quantity of former sea creatures!

    I’m no ‘foodie’ but it’s undeniable that one of the best things about coming to Singapore is the food! At local ‘hawker centres’ you can eat amazing varieties of food from all over the world. My favorite is Singapore Laksa or Tom Yum. However, you can find all kinds of weird and wonderful gastronomic experiences like Frog Porridge, Eel skin crisps, steamed sharks head, turtle soup, crocodile paws to mention but a few. Hmm, just writing this makes me hungry!