Farewell my friend

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  • Melbourne from the air
  • I love Melbourne. It is home for me in many respects, though that word ‘home’ has become somewhat ambiguous as I have travelled the world these past six years. However, as much as I love Melbourne, its rich culture, the coffee, the trams, the street art and performers, there is one thing I dislike in Melbourne, and that’s the winter!

    To be fair, I don’t much like the winter anywhere. The short days and long cold nights are no fun for a sun seeker like me. Worse still is that winter ‘down under’ isn’t even broken up by Christmas and the new year which do at least provide some distraction from the cold when you live in the northern hemisphere.

    I’ll confess, my relationship with this city is perhaps a little shallow. After all, I’m something of a fair weathered friend to Melbourne, fleeing the moment those southern winds begin to bite through the material of my coat. Perhaps if I had thicker skin I would tough it out, for better or for worse, but as wonderful as she is, my eyes wander when sun no longer shines on this city I love.

    So today, while I am sad to say farewell to friends, I am taking to the sky and migrating to warmer climes.

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