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  • John Mockridge Fountain
  • A little girl places freshly fallen autumn leaves on the John Mockridge Fountain (otherwise known and the waterwall) at city Square in Melbourne. She was in a hurry as her Dad was clearly not going to stop walking to allow her time to play with the wall, so she hurriedly fixed a previously placed smile, before being told to “come on!”

    Designed as a simple water feature the waterwall has become popular throughout the autumn months as people stick wet leaves to it in fun and imaginative ways. I’m not familiar with other works done by the late architect John Mockridge, but I bet this simple wall is the work that has most captured the imagination of the public.

    I’m a little disappointed with the quality of todays picture. My stupid Sony camera was just refusing to focus properly all day and to be honest, the only reason why I am publishing this shot is because I like it compositionally, though truthfully it’s a poor photograph technically, and I am disappointed with that. I need a new camera, and it won’t be another Sony that’s for sure!

    Stand at this location using Google street view.

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  • 2 comments on “Smile

      • It was a mistake buying a Sony really. I should have stuck with Canon. The focus on the sony is deplorable, and maybe my camera is faulty, but that sucks! I’m often really disappointed by the results this camera gives.

        I’m sorry I cheated on Canon! 🙂

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