Nothing to say, nothing to wear

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  • Lush Sux
  • I was somewhat surprised the other day as I drove down a quiet backstreet in Melbourne when all of a sudden I saw a giant naked woman clutching an iPhone. It wasn’t quite a car accident type of shock, but I did stop the car so as to jump out and snap a picture.

    Of course, the woman in question wasn’t a real life naked woman but a 30ft painting by street artist Lush Sux, known to his bank manager as Mr. Mark Walls.

    I didn’t know who the naked woman was, but was informed by a girl standing outside her place of work thumbing her phone, that it’s Kim Kardashian, the narcissistic pointless airhead ‘star’ of the reality TV show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’

    On the other wall is the sneering face of Donald Trump, the tiresome political blowhard who is himself starring in another popular reality TV show called American politics.

    The first time I saw the murals I snapped a few pictures, but in the end the photograph didn’t make it as my picture of the day. However, I was back in Cremorne today so I decided to photograph them again for todays picture.

    The detestable duo appeared more or less overnight earlier this month, just a few days after Kardashian posted an old naked picture of herself on Instagram (complete with black boxes) along with the ridiculous text, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.”

    Lush said the 30-foot mural was completed in about the same time as it took Kardashian to get 100,000 comments on the original photo. However, just eight hours after the mural appeared it was vandalised with paint and the word ‘slut.’ Clearly that vandalism has been repaired and Ms Kardashian her been restored to her full ‘glory?’

    While some people are angry at the appearance of a naked woman on the streets, others have embraced the image and even posed naked in front of it themselves. The paintings have attracted international attention, and the usually quiet backstreet is now attracting a fair number of visitors. Indeed, as I photographed the artworks today two Argentinian women were excitedly posing in front of Kardashian.

    Interestingly enough, while the appearance of a naked woman on a wall caused much shock and fury, the sneering racist and hateful nonsense spewing from the flabby chops of Mr Trump attracted absolutely no outrage, headlines, or acts of vandalism of any kind to his mural.

    Stand at this location using Google street view, but there’s no naked KK.

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