Fire truck

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  • Fire Truck
  • Call me a big kid, but I love fire trucks! There’s just something awesome about the red truck, all those lights, the speed they go, and all that noise they make whenever they’re going somewhere.

    I don’t live far from this fire station and I often see or hear a fire truck coming out of the station and screaming its way down the road, always with their sirens and lights on. As a kid I would stop and watch a fire truck go past me whenever I heard one and I’ll admit, as silly as it may be, I’ll still stop what I’m doing to watch a fire truck go past even today.

    See this fire station using Google Street View.

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  • 3 comments on “Fire truck

      • Yep, they’re at the ready! They just step into them and put the who suit up and on. I wonder if anyone has their clothes set up like that at home? 🙂

      • Yeah, its fun. There are lots of free climbing walls in the world. Maybe one near where you live? I mean if you lived here and didn’t know this one was under the freeway, how would you ever know?

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