Be careful what you wish for

Saturday, March 19th, 2016
  • immoral

    “I wish for more pocket money. I wish to be immoral.”

    That’s the heartfelt wish of a child who left this for whatever spiritual powers have jurisdiction over the ‘wishing tree’ found near the banks of the Yarra River on Melbourne’s Merri Creek trail. I suspect there are a few adults who can relate to this wish. Of course, more money probably comes with a little immorality somewhere along the line anyway, though in this case, I think it’s safe to assume that the word immoral might actually be missing an intended letter T after the R.

    Immorality aside, the tree is a charming place to stop because it’s adorned with wishes, many from children, that are always interesting to read. Among other wishes I read today were, “I wish to be a profeshinal professional ballet dancer.” “I wish that everyone can love who they want with no judgment.” “Happiness to all cats.” “I wish to conceive and give birth to another healthy human and experience the love of bringing them into the world, bringing them up well & loved.” “To the man, I have failed madly and deeply in love with – I wish for endless adventures + exploring the world together.”

    In the past, I’ve photographed other wishes that have made me smile. Those have included, “I wish Dan would get us a dog (or a penguin, or a mini dinosaur).” “Wish my clothes are pretty.” “I wish I had a flying balloon.” “I wish for peace in the world, and to be really really rich.” “I wish I didn’t have to come here every weekend!!!!!” and in the same handwriting as that last one, I saw another note, apparently written on a different occasion that read, “I wish my kids would grow up faster… And I wish my kids would grow up slower!”

    Stand beside the Wishing Tree and the Merri Creek The labyrinth using Google Street View.