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  • Aveen Mitra, eatspirational, Melbourne
  • My friend Aveen (seen standing in the middle of this picture) loves hosting dinner parties, and over the years his dinner parties have become events that many people want to go to. In events passed he’s put together an eclectic mix of individuals from all walks of life, then devised ways to mix and engage the group in interesting and sometimes challenging ways.

    At one Eatspirational event he told everyone that we were forbidden from asking what people did for a living, thus forcing people to talk about something else in their lives other than work. A good challenge that was actually much harder than it sounds.

    The dinner events would follow an informal format of amazing home cooked food, maybe a game of some description, and then guests would watch and discuss a talk; usually a TED talk hand picked for its theme. In describing it in this way it’s hard to convey just how enjoyable these evening always are. Most people who have been to one agree they are superb.

    Aveen, who is a flamboyant and enjoyable character, wanted to give his special dinner events a name and I came up with ‘Eatspirational.’ It encompasses what the events are about, food and inspiration! He adopted the name and for some time the evenings have been known as Eatspirationals.

    He’s been hosting ‘Eatspirationals’ since 2013 and for much of that time Aveen has also been collecting money from his guests in order to help support a school for blind girls in the city of Raipur, the city in India that he hails from.

    This month Aveen took his love of being a host and inspiring people to new level with his first ticketed Eatspirational event. Held in a venue in South Melbourne, the night was a success, and for Aveen, it was a learning experience too. Taking feedback from veteran Eatspirational attendees he’s looking for ways to adapt and evolve the idea for future events.

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    1. A bit off subject but I went to a vegan restaurant dinner last week with complete strangers, and the people I was sat with did not mention once what they did for work. Nor did I! except for having to say how I did get my experience of push bikes (I don’t work there anymore much). It was quite refreshing. But good job we did have something to eat for the long pauses.

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