Longest shortest ride

Friday, February 26th, 2016
  • Bus to Taronga

    Another day of travel; this time on the bus from Auckland to Tauranga. If you look at a map it doesn’t seem far between the two places, but New Zealand roads are never straight, even when it seems like they probably could be.

    When the roads were first formed I suspect those using them were not in a hurry. Instead, they simply meandered everywhere taking the scenic route whenever and wherever possible. So today’s picture is taken from the bus as we twisted and turned the seemingly great distance between Auckland and Tauranga.

    I’ll be honest, toward the end of this bus ride I was beginning to feel pretty off-color and wondering if I could get off the bus and just as my friend Phil to drive to wherever I was to get me. But I pushed through and eventually, we got on to less challenging roads and I was able to recover and enjoy the ride.