An abstract moment

Saturday, February 20th, 2016
  • blur

    I nearly deleted today’s picture. It was an accidental shot, taken on Swanston Street in Melbourne as thousands of people flocked to the city to enjoy White Night, an annual event of art and culture with free activities, exhibits, displays, and performances until sunrise.

    Started in St Petersburg, Russia, White Night art festivals (sometimes called ‘light night) happen in many cities around the world including Paris, Montreal, Chicago, Liverpool, Tel Aviv, and others. Melbourne held its first White Night in February 2013 drawing a crowd of more than 300,000. Since then attendance numbers have steadily increased with this year’s event attracting nearly 600,000 people.

    Of the many pictures I took of the event, this accidental shot was the one I kept coming back to. I was holding my camera aloft getting ready to take a picture of the crowded street when I must have pressed the shutter by mistake. Had I reviewed the picture on the small screen moments later I probably would have deleted it. Yes, it was an accident, and yes it tells you nothing really, I just like this blurry abstract moment.