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  • Kerferd Road Pier
  • I take many pictures throughout the day and I never know what the picture of the day will be until I get back home at night and look through the photographs I have. Because this is a project that is as much about the stories as it is the pictures, sometimes I have to overlook a good picture because another one has a better story.

    Today, however, I have gone in the other direction. This picture doesn’t have a story. I ate some fish a chips with a friend on the Kerferd Road Pier as darkness fell over Melbourne. It was windy and there will as chill in the air from the southerly wind. And that’s it, no story, not even some interesting facts about piers, sunsets, or cool southerly winds.

    See the Kerferd Road Pier on Google street view.

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  • 2 comments on “Perspective

    1. “As the Sun fell below the horizon and darkness began to fall upon the pier…” Here is the beginning of your story. Take it from here. Seriously though, this is a nice shot! Between now and the next time you visit us, I’m gonna have to go out to the coast and do my best to emulate this pic. Just wanna let you know that I’ve been enjoying this series, and that I gave you a shout out on my FB.

      • Thanks for the compliment Anthony. I’m glad you liked this picture. It’s funny because it was taken, as so many of my pictures are, in a rather throw away fashion. With beers in hand I fumbled for my camera and just took the shot with one hand! I’m surprised it turned out so well to be honest.

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